Kindness Rocks in Marion

There is a movement of kindness spreading, and the Marion Public Library, with the help of MCS 5th graders, are spreading the joy in a simple way. How? By painting rocks into works of art and hiding them for others to find. A great thing about painting rocks is you don’t have to be an artist to get going. All you need are a few basic supplies to take part in this spread kindness movement.

Here is how you can join the fun.

1) Rocks.

Look for smooth flat rocks.

Make sure you’re able to remove stones from where you find them. Removing stones from National and state parks isn’t okay. Taking rocks from waterways can also be against the rules. It’s also illegal to take rocks from railroad tracks.

2) Wash.

Paint won’t stick to dirty rocks.  A smooth surface is what we’re aiming for, so washing your rocks in warm water and soap will ensure that.  You might want scrub it with an old toothbrush to make sure all debris is removed.  Allow rocks to dry before painting.

3) Sand.

If there are any light bumps or grit on your rock, you can use sand paper to smooth it out if you like.

4) Paint and brushes.

Use acrylic paint for best results if you will be hiding your rocks outside. Adding a white layer before painting the color you want makes it pop.  Let each layer of paint dry before applying the next layer. A selection of various sized paint brushes will help you create the perfect look you are going for.

5) Markers.

Adding text with markers is easier than painting words.  Sharpie markers of all colors are a good choice.

6) Seal.

This is one of the most important steps to rock painting.   All that hard work that you put into your stone would be wasted with any type of moisture.    Two thin coats works of an acrylic spray sealer seem to work best.


Add your creation to the kindness rock garden at our library or place it somewhere in public where it can be found and shared. If you like, post a pic on Facebook and/or Instagram with #kindnessrocksinmarion.

How it started